Teladoc Health Launches Telemedicine Service in Canada, Expanding Portfolio of Available Healthcare Solutions

Canadians to benefit from access to anytime, anywhere high-quality physician care

TORONTO, ON, March 28, 2019 –Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC), the global leader in virtual care, announces today the launch of Teladoc Telemedicine Services, the first-of-its-kind offering to provide Canadians with 24×7 access to convenient, high-quality medical care regardless of their location across the country or in the U.S. The new service addresses head-on the healthcare access issues Canadians are facing in terms of overcrowded emergency rooms, physician shortages, and long wait times, which have been persistent in rural and urban areas alike. It also supports efforts of employers to address illness-related productivity issues.

Barriers surrounding access to healthcare in Canada are well documented. According to Statistics Canada, approximately 5 million Canadians over the age of 12 do not have a regular care provider1, and for those who do, same- or next-day appointments are difficult to obtain2. In rural areas, only 8 per cent of Canadian physicians are reported to be practicing, with the majority located in and around urban hubs3. Patients can be left with the choice to skip care or seek it via emergency room visits, while employers often absorb the impact of absenteeism, costing the Canadian economy $16.6 billion dollars annually4.

“Through a powerful combination of high-quality Canadian physicians available coast-to-coast, consumer-friendly technology, and unrivaled market expertise, we are proud to be helping Canadians get the right care on their terms, when and where they need it,” explained Dr. Lewis Levy, MD, FACP, chief medical officer, Teladoc Health. “People today want a better healthcare experience. We are empowering patients across Canada to confidently and easily access care via the proven innovation of Teladoc Telemedicine Services.”

The Teladoc Telemedicine Service connects patients with a licensed doctor who speaks the member’s choice of French or English and can provide immediate resolution for an array of conditions. Cold and flu, allergies, upper respiratory infections, pink eye and urinary tract infections are among the many conditions for which members can be diagnosed and prescribed medication (if necessary), via phone or mobile app, 24x7x365.

“We have a rich history in Canada that includes more than two decades of experience working alongside our clients and members across the country,” explained Karen Grant, vice president, global product strategy, Teladoc Health. “The introduction of our telemedicine services represents another advancement in modernizing the healthcare experience with a central focus on meeting Canadian’s needs for high quality care and real-time resolution.”

Teladoc Telemedicine Services is the first telemedicine service in Canada to provide access to care not only anywhere in Canada but also in the United States. Members are assured peace of mind when traveling for business or for family holidays to the U.S.

Currently available for sale to employers and insurers throughout Canada, the new offering builds upon Teladoc Health’s existing portfolio of expert medical and mental health services already available to major employers and health insurers across the country under the Best Doctors brand.

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