Reta Trust, Vivante Health Team up for Digestive Health

Digital gut health program open to 30 thousand eligible members

Houston, TX, November 4, 2019 – Vivante Health, the digestive health experts and creators of the GIThrive all-in-one digital program for gut health and disease, is pleased to announce its partnership with Reta Trust, a non-profit ERISA trust providing affordable healthcare options to Catholic organizations across the nation for more than 40 years.

Vivante Health believes it’s time to reshape workplace benefits through a simple yet innovative approach—gut first. According to Bill Snyder, the company’s president and chief commercial officer, “Over 70 million Americans struggle with chronic GI symptoms but don’t have the resources they need. Chronic gut inflammation contributes to things like arthritis, psoriasis, even asthma and allergies.” He added, “This partnership with Reta Trust will allow us to bring meaningful help to thousands.”

The GIThrive gut health program developed by Vivante Health is a tech-based solution with a human touch. Eligible participants can enroll in GIThrive and within minutes have direct access to a team of digestive health experts. For chronic conditions like IBS, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, GIThrive provides special nutrition plans to reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms. Using proprietary algorithms and data from the user’s symptom and food logs, GIThrive can anticipate condition flares before they strike. This insight can help prevent acute events, such as ER visits or severe condition flare-ups. The GIThrive Smarter Meds feature is designed to optimize prescription drugs for inflammatory conditions, driving down cost and waste.

Reta Trust serves over 60 Roman Catholic dioceses, archdioceses, religious communities, and other institutions across the US, covering approximately 30 thousand lives. The organization is continually enhancing its offerings to provide innovative programs to improve quality of care while reducing costs to covered members. All Reta healthcare plans must comply with the ethical and religious directives of the Catholic Church. Vivante Health is an approved healthcare provider, which means effective the first day of open enrollment 2019, the GIThrive program is covered at 100 percent, with no out-of-pocket cost to Reta Trust members enrolled in a medical plan.

“The Reta Trust is always looking for new and innovative programs that help members manage chronic conditions. The Vivante GIThrive program was added July 1, 2019. The level of member engagement is positive, and we look forward to seeing tangible outcomes that will result in a decrease of claims,” said a representative from Reta Trust.

About Vivante Health

Vivante Health is an innovative digital healthcare company reinventing the way chronic conditions are managed, gut first. Our all-in-one digital gut health program, GIThrive, empowers people—through brilliant technology, advanced science, and on-demand expert support—to improve digestive health, while lowering cost of care. Learn how employers and health plans are saving money with GIThrive.

About Reta Trust

Reta Trust provides access to affordable, quality healthcare for employees and members of Catholic entities while respecting the social and moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and supporting Catholic healthcare institutions. Our vision is to be a viable, financially accessible health care program using a collaborative, innovative approach. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Vivante Health