MEDITECH Announces Collaboration with Arcadia Healthcare Solutions

Data from Arcadia Healthcare Solutions will help MEDITECH customers improve care delivery and financial viability as the shift to value-based reimbursement becomes a reality.

BOSTON January 10, 2018 | MEDITECH, a leading Enterprise Health Record (EHR) vendor, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Arcadia Healthcare Solutions to integrate aggregated data into the MEDITECH Expanse and Analytics solution for improved Population Health Management. This collaboration is a major step forward in the blend of MEDITECH’s enterprise clinical database, which spans across the healthcare continuum, with claims data, other-vendor EHR data, and additional Arcadia-derived elements.

MEDITECH chose Arcadia based on its leadership position as a population health management technology company serving provider groups, hospital systems, and health plans across the country. Arcadia has extensive experience aggregating data from over 40 EHR vendors and various claims databases, giving providers a comprehensive picture of patient care delivered in and out of the network. Through its sophisticated approach to driving the quality necessary to earn provider trust, data from Arcadia will help MEDITECH customers improve care delivery and financial viability as the shift to value-based reimbursement becomes a reality.

Arcadia-supplied data elements will be sophisticatedly embedded into care delivery workflows within MEDITECH Expanse to actively improve care by arming clinicians with the complete picture of patient risk and utilization, a level of integration not commonly seen within the industry. These data elements will also provide powerful analytic insights to understand the construct and risk stratification of the patient population, utilization of resources, costs, and related impact on achieving quality outcomes. This will translate into more effective decisions at the point of care and a greater capability to proactively manage disease and promote wellness.

“This collaboration with Arcadia Healthcare Solutions will strengthen MEDITECH’s Population Health offering through the inclusion of data such as risk scores and gaps in care, empowering our customers to better understand their populations, while also providing tightly integrated care management workflows to translate that understanding into action,” MEDITECH Executive Vice President Hoda Sayed-Friel said. “By working with Arcadia to incorporate this robust data set within MEDITECH Expanse, we are positioning our customers well for the healthcare paradigm shift underway.”

“As healthcare systems take on risk-based contracts, they need visibility into care provided across complex networks,” said Arcadia Chief Executive Officer Sean Carroll. “Arcadia delivers high-quality aggregated data to support care management and analytics within the MEDITECH platform, giving healthcare organizations the tools they need to succeed under risk. By selecting Arcadia, MEDITECH will be able to provide its customers the ability to push actionable data in the EHR at the point of care, accelerating performance under risk.”

MEDITECH and Arcadia are excited to work together in building the framework of this solution. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months about the collaboration. Also, learn more about how your organization can get proactive about Population Health with MEDITECH.

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About Arcadia
Arcadia Healthcare Solutions is a population health management technology company supporting healthcare networks taking on risk and transitioning to value-based care. Arcadia specializes in integration of data from more than 40 different physical and behavioral health EHR vendors, enriching it with claims and operational data, and using that data to drive improvements in patient care quality, practice efficiency, and financial performance. Trusted by independent provider groups, health plans, and integrated delivery networks nationwide, with expertise in both fee-for-service optimization and value-based performance environments, Arcadia supports providers with the benchmark data, insights, and outsourced services to excel in the evolving landscape of American healthcare. Founded in 2002, Arcadia is headquartered outside Boston in Burlington, MA, with offices in Seattle, Pittsburgh, and outside Chicago in Rockford, IL.