Imprivata Introduces Innovative, Proximity-Based Security Solution to Protect PHI on Shared Workstations

Imprivata Proximity Aware Leverages the Power of Bluetooth Low Energy to Secure Workstations without Disrupting Clinical Workflow

Orlando, FL – February 12, 2019—Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, today introduced Imprivata Proximity Aware, healthcare’s only solution that leverages the power of Bluetooth to secure protected health information (PHI) on shared workstations without disrupting clinical workflow. Locking and unlocking workstations is based on the proximity of the user’s mobile device, which removes the burden of passwords and disruptive inactivity timeouts.

“With Imprivata Proximity Aware, we’re able to employ shorter timeouts to ensure security, knowing they will only be invoked when a workstation is unattended, and not when a provider is simply reading something on the screen,” said Ashley Cole, Director of Information Systems at Southeast Health. “This fast, seamless authentication secures PHI on shared workstations without impeding clinical access.”

Using Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, Imprivata Proximity Aware monitors for the Imprivata ID mobile application running on a user’s mobile device. As long as the user’s mobile device is detected, the user’s workstation will remain unlocked and the session will remain open, event in the event of perceived inactivity. When the user steps away from the workstation, Imprivata Proximity Aware will no longer detect their mobile device and it will initiate the pre-defined logout sequence. And, when the user returns, Imprivata Proximity Aware will again detect the user’s mobile device and unlock the workstation without any interaction from the user. 

“Securing PHI on shared clinical workstations continues to challenge healthcare,” said Barbara Dumery, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Imprivata. “By introducing the first proximity-based walk-away security solution that strikes the right balance of security and convenience, we’re excited to finally offer a viable option for reducing the risk of unauthorized access to PHI while increasing clinical workflow efficiency.”

With Imprivata Proximity Aware in place, healthcare organizations can also leverage the infrastructure to enhance workflows across their Imprivata environment, including multifactor authentication for remote network access and Hands Free Authentication for EPCS.  

For a demonstration of Imprivata Proximity Aware at the HIMSS19 Annual Conference & Exhibition (February 11-15 in Orlando, FL), please visit Imprivata booth #2959 or book a private meeting.

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