DrFirst’s myBenefitCheck Surpasses 6 Million Price Transparency and Electronic Prior Authorization Transactions

Nation’s leading real-time benefit verification system continues to add EHR and PBM partners while saving patients an average of $11 per 30 day prescription

Rockville, MD — February 6, 2018 – DrFirst, the nation’s leading provider of e-prescribing and medication management solutions, is pleased to announce that its industry-leading benefit verification system, myBenefitCheckSM, has now processed more than six million benefit and pricing inquiries on behalf of physicians and patients nationwide. The pioneering solution enables physicians to access their patient’s actual cost for prescribed medications before they leave the physician’s office, helping to eliminate financial impediments as a primary factor in patient noncompliance. The myBenefitCheck solution enables physicians to access real-time costs through many of the largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) in the U.S. and is currently processing more than one million transactions per month. Out-of-pocket cost savings for patients have been as much as $640, and average around $11 for a 30-day prescription.

With over 300 electronic health record (EHR) solutions using the myBenefitCheck system, including recently announced industry partners Allscripts and GE Healthcare, DrFirst’s platform will reach almost 200,000 physicians with the myBenefitCheck service by mid-2018. The first real-time benefit check solution to market, myBenefitCheck has been live and in production for more than two years and continues to deliver technology enhancements to ensure precise reconciliation of many data processing anomalies that minimize error messages, speed response times, and optimize the user experience. Four of the top six PBMs, as well as a number of pilot partners, are already using the technology to power and improve their price transparency capabilities. No other similar solution has enabled the scope of PBM coverage, transaction volume or impact on patient’s pocket books and medication adherence.

“The cost of medications is a well-known impediment to medication adherence. We deliver comprehensive, patient-specific prescription pricing information that eliminates surprises at the pharmacy, and enables patients to start drug therapy as quickly as possible,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst. “Now that pharmacy benefit managers have embraced price transparency technology, we hope to add them to our payer network through our easily implemented APIs, and drive the industry to 100 percent adoption of this worthwhile functionality.”

By moving the process of pharmacy price transparency into the prescribing workflow, myBenefitCheck gives physicians patient-specific out-of-pocket costs, so physicians can counsel patients on therapy and pharmacy alternatives. This provides physicians with a valuable shared decision-making opportunity with their patients to reduce patient/provider discordance as an impediment to adherence. Studies have shown that the major causes of primary non-adherence to medication is price sensitivity and the patient’s acceptance/understanding of the medication plan. Via myBenefitCheck, a provider has the opportunity to check both covered and non-covered drugs, suggest the lowest cost alternatives for the patient, and provide opportunities for patient assistance programs to lower cost even further. The solution affords the opportunity for physicians to involve patients in the decision making process, increasing medication adherence.

About DrFirst
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