Clarity® Soft Tissue Visualization

Non-invasive, non-ionizing soft tissue visualization to support radiation therapy treatment.

Clinical Challenge

  • CT simulation is a key part of radiation therapy workflows, but its limited soft tissue visualization can inhibit its ability to characterize the target and surrounding structures.
  • Tumor motion and changes in shape and size of soft tissue targets over the course of treatment compound the need for clear soft tissue imaging.

The Clarity Solution
Clarity takes soft tissue visualization to entirely new levels for Radiation Therapy. Easy to learn and use, Clarity is capable of integrating with any External Beam Radiation Therapy workflow and equipment to support simulation, planning and treatment.

Support for Simulation and Planning

  • Clarity’s hybrid imaging technology allows clinicians to add superior soft tissue visualization to their existing CT simulation without the extra cost and overhead of a dedicated MRI.
  • Clarity hybrid imaging is achieved by acquiring Clarity images at the same time as the CT acquisition procedure with the patient in the same RT setup position. This allows CT and Clarity images to be automatically fused for seamless integration into simulation and planning workflows.
  • Clarity’s patented software-assisted segmentation technology supports clinicians in rapidly contouring 3D soft tissue targets and anatomy prior to treatment planning.

Support for Treatment

  • In the treatment room Clarity provides clinicians with fast, accurate soft tissue IGRT that can be integrated with any existing external beam delivery workflow regardless of the platform.
  • Clarity provides clear soft tissue visualization, without adding any imaging dose.
  • Clarity uses unique patented segmentation technology to help align target structures for daily setup based on shape, size and position of the anatomy. This provides accurate, structure-based IGRT without the need for surgically implanted markers

SOURCE: Elekta