Cerner, LifeCenters Revolutionize Senior Living; Launch Patient-Focused Wellness Communities

KANSAS CITY – August 8, 2019 – Cerner Corporation is teaming up with LifeCenters, a planned wellness community development company, to provide primary care, pharmacy and fitness programs to senior-living communities across the country. Known as VIA Centers, residents will have access to primary care physicians and specialists including dieticians, chiropractors, fitness and health coaches at their Wellpoint properties. Through highly specialized care, the centers will engage patients and their health needs by focusing on diagnosing the root cause of an illness and developing personalized treatment plans.

“This is an exciting new venture for Cerner that goes beyond the traditional care setting. We have the opportunity to take our legacy of innovation in managing wellness clinics that provide a diverse offering of care needs and bring it directly to the residents of Wellpoint Communities where they live, work and play as they age well,” said David Bradshaw, senior vice president, Consumer & Employer Solutions, Cerner. “We are committed to transforming the future of health care. Through our collaboration with LifeCenters, we will offer better care for residents to proactively approach their health and well-being directly in their communities.”

Nearly 10,000 Americans turn 65 each day, changing the health care landscape and driving the need to engage a person in their care to create healthier populations. Through this work with LifeCenters, Cerner is focusing on trends shaping the future of health care with individualized programs designed for each person. In addition to primary care, the VIA Centers will also utilize alternative therapies such as cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, salt therapy, massage, acupuncture, float therapy, IV nutrition therapy and infrared saunas. Residents will have close access to an on-site pharmacy and fully equipped fitness center.

The centers will also offer Cerner Motion HealthSM, which aims to identify the sources of musculoskeletal issues to proactively address and avoid serious symptoms and interventions. The motion capture system, a 12-movement musculoskeletal screen using the latest marker-less 3D motion capture technology, helps athletic trainers provide a more personalized rehabilitation plans for their patients.

“Wellpoint communities are revolutionizing how seniors live and love life, and a large part of that effort is enhancing the approach to personal care,” said Joseph McCarron, CEO, LifeCenters Communities. “Within these communities, we’re coupling hospitality and health care to offer residents a unique, personalized experience. We are thrilled to work alongside Cerner to bring the latest in preventative care and overall wellness offerings.”

The Via Centers will serve as the hub of the Wellpoint Communities, which consist of independent-living apartments, assisted-living apartments and suites dedicated to memory care all within a residential neighborhood. The communities also offer a boutique hotel and restaurant, as well as private residences.

The first of the Via Centers broke ground at Wellpoint Community at Hampton Cove in Huntsville, Alabama, with immediate plans for three additional communities in Tennessee, Florida and New England. Hutchinson Consulting, a leading hospitality, marketing and recruiting firm in St. Louis, assisted in the creation of the new communities, as well as introducing the partners and bringing the concept to life.

SOURCE: Cerner