Cerner Announces New Innovative Near-Site Health Network for Workforce Health Management

KANSAS CITY – May 16, 2019 – Today, Cerner, a global health platform and innovation company, unveiled Anuva HealthTM, its new near-site health network offering. The offering combines in person and virtual health care services for employers looking to provide a unique benefit to employees to support improved health and lower costs. As health care costs continue to rise, employers are seeking ways to contain costs while fostering a healthy workforce. Anuva Health is designed to provide a convenient option for members and a cost-effective solution for employers. The near-site health network is now available for organizations to offer to their employees, with the first health center open in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Anuva Health is our latest innovation in creating and implementing intelligent health networks that connect traditional venues of care and virtual care to empower people to take an active role in their health and care,” said Ryan Hamilton, senior vice president, Population Health, Cerner. “We’re aiming to redefine the care experience for individuals, while reducing costs for patients, providers and employers by embracing a communitywide approach to health care. We’re accomplishing this with comprehensive services powered by technology, including tools that connect data from multiple sources to help pinpoint and close gaps in care within populations to improve the health of communities.”

Many employers are turning to on-site health centers and pharmacies as an option to help manage costs and improve the health of employees. For employers who want to offer these benefits, the near-site model is a great option in which the investment is shared between a group of employers, with comparable benefits to on-site health centers. The Cerner near-site health network is a person-centric model of care delivery, designed to provide a convenient, connected health care experience for employees. Anuva Health provides primary care, urgent care, lab work, behavioral health, health coaching, health coordination and pharmacy services at its health centers. The network also provides virtual services that include care management, concierge services, health navigation and behavioral health. Anuva Health will leverage Cerner technology, including its Cerner Millennium® electronic health record platform and HealtheIntent® big data and insights platform.

“For many years, Cerner has worked to become the partner of choice for employers across the country to help address their health care challenges with inventive services and solutions,” said Mike Heckman, vice president, Population Health Services, Cerner. “Anuva Health is our latest innovation in workforce health management, expanding our on-site health center offering by launching an intelligent near-site health network designed around the person. Close, convenient access to health care brings benefits for both the employees and employers, supporting the improvement of overall health and minimizing costs.”

Today, the first health center of the near-site network opened in Malvern, Pennsylvania. The Malvern facility will benefit the health and well-being of Cerner associates, as well as support local employers looking to offer a cost-effective benefit to their employees. A second location is projected to open in West Chester, Pennsylvania, later this year.

SOURCE: Cerner