Cerner and GetWellNetwork Bring More Convenience and Accessibility to Health Care

Cerner to improve functionality for clients and patients through third-party solutions

KANSAS CITY – September 24, 2019 – Cerner Corporation and GetWellNetwork, a global consumer health technology company, are collaborating to bridge gaps between providers and patients from inpatient to outpatient settings and the home. Care teams will be able to engage patients before and after admission through automated check-ins, identify who needs assistance in near-real time and proactively intervene before complications and additional costs arise.

Consumer engagement and convenient access to high-quality services is an increasingly important macro trend in health care. Cerner and GetWellNetwork will address these expectations by helping patients become more aware of the details of their treatment and active in the decision-making process, while also supporting lower costs for providers.

“Our work together will help elevate consumer experiences and engagement beyond what our clients have been able to achieve on a stand-alone basis,” said John Gresham, senior vice president, Health Networks and Real-Time Health Systems, Cerner. “This collaboration is another example of how Cerner is accelerating third-party innovation on top of the digitized platforms we’ve built and pioneered to expedite the delivery of person-centered experiences and benefit to clients.”

This collaboration will provide patients convenience, empowerment and accessibility. Through better communications, patients will be able to quickly engage key members of their care team, view their treatment plan and access personalized educational materials that will help them prepare for a health event or aid in their recovery. These capabilities will create an experience that is connected across settings by providing the same information and guidance to a patient before, during and after a care encounter.

“Leading health care providers around the world are pressing technology suppliers to deliver true cross-continuum care in a high-tech, high-touch way that makes consumer engagement and care coordination seamless for patients, families and providers,” said Michael O’Neil, founder and CEO, GetWellNetwork. “Combining our expertise in developing interactive digital solutions that improve the patient experience with Cerner’s world-class platforms creates immense opportunity for our clients to better meet the needs of today’s highly connected health care consumer.”

SOURCE: Cerner