AdvancedMD Launches Rhythm, Unified Workflow Automation Solution for Independent Medical Practices & Their Patients

The heartbeat of a healthy practice for providers, patients and payers

South Jordan, UT – May 8, 2018 – AdvancedMD, a pioneer in cloud technology for independent physician practices, launches a complete cloud platform, known as AdvancedMD Rhythm, featuring a new smart EHR dashboard and flexible patient cards that transform clinical workflow. Through seamless data flow in the cloud between clinical, patient and billing applications and built in analytics, the Rhythm platform provides the tools for prioritizing clinical workflow, treating patients successfully, and optimally meet the needs of value-based care.

“We deliver improved workflow and automated intelligence so there’s no switching applications or clicking around to find needed information during the process,” said Raul Villar, CEO at AdvancedMD. “Our goal is to enable providers, patients and payers to interact and communicate with each other when, where and how they want.”

All practice members can access Rhythm from anywhere in a secure manner using a desktop, iPhone or iPad, allowing them to stay connected to nearly every area of the practice, including adding a new patient, charting, messaging, charge capture and prescriptions. Rhythm’s five new and improved features allow practices to take productivity to entirely new levels:

Practice Dashboard
The smart EHR dashboard functions as an automated workflow analyst that consolidates all the moving parts of a specific practice. The visual representation of tasks, including frequently-performed elements, are displayed in a single location for a convenient way to manage to-dos. The snapshot tells users what needs to be done next and enables them to do so quickly and with minimal clicks. For busy, task-based clinical practices, the new revolutionary dashboard for Rhythm helps physicians negotiate work volume and manage the demands through prioritized daily tasks.

Patient cards
Patient cards within Rhythm represent clinical chart information that can be organized by specialty and workflow. The snapshot gives physicians a view of commonly-accessed elements from the patient chart so they can prioritize what is most important based on specialty, workflow, and common tasks.

Online scheduling
The Online Scheduling feature gives new and existing patients the ability to schedule visits via a web site. Practices are in control of the appointment times, types, providers, and locations that can be scheduled, and the visits are fully integrated with the scheduler.

Patient reminders
In addition to the already popular patient reminders, Rhythm includes voice reminder functionality and additional customization based on patient preferences to minimize no-shows.

Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) solution
AdvancedCQM is the electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) solution capturing data to calculate, display, and generate clinical quality measures output for CMS submission and to participate in various value-based initiatives. With AdvancedCQM, physicians have 54 eCQMs to choose from to report quality measures for the 2018 reporting year and the CMS-approved eCQMs for subsequent years. Practices get analytics from scheduling, e-prescribing, patient portal and charting for improved clinical decision support and quality continuity of care.

“Rhythm is transformational because it tears down the problems created by siloed and disparate practice management, EHR and patient engagement point solutions, so independent practices can quickly find and manage any practice data on any device from any location,” said CTO Arman Samani. “This approach enables practices to compete with the resources of larger health systems and hospitals.”

About AdvancedMD
AdvancedMD strives to be the community of choice for independent providers by delivering an integrated workflow and personalized service to ensure the health of every practice and their patients. AdvancedMD Rhythm, the company’s complete integrated suite of cloud solutions includes practice management, electronic health records, telemedicine, patient relationship management, business analytics reporting, and physician-performance benchmarking all backed by expert practice advocates. AdvancedMD also offers full service revenue cycle management and serves an expansive national footprint of more than 27,000 practitioners across 8,500 practices and 600 medical billing companies. Visit

SOURCE: AdvancedMD