Wellero bill pay app lets consumers pay for care at their appointment

Eliminates confusion and helps consumers keep track of costs

APRIL 30, 2014 – Paying your doctor, lab, hospital or clinic is now easily done via the Wellero smart phone app that seamlessly links patients and providers. Patients simply pay their portion of their bill before leaving the office, eliminating the need to wait for a bill and send a check or credit card number later. Wellero transforms the consumer experience with the healthcare system by enabling payment for service at the point of care, giving consumers peace-of-mind that their payment will be recorded by their provider and documentation sent to their insurance company.

Now offered free in the app stores for iOS and Android phone users, Wellero’s Bill Pay feature gives consumers a retail experience when paying for healthcare services. Consumer features of Wellero also include:

  • A HIPAA-compliant bill payment mechanism that is faster and safer and allows patients to easily keep track of their out-of-pocket costs and better manage their finances.
  • Varied payment options, including credit card, debit card or HSA card and proof of payment by office staff.
  • Customized health benefit plan information from an array of national and regional insurance companies that shows contracted rates so consumers can make better choices.
  • Quality information from verified patients.

“It’s time to bring healthcare into the 21st century and simplify how we pay for healthcare services,” said Hanny Freiwat, co-founder of Wellero. “As people get healthcare coverage for the first time or are faced with paying for a larger share of their expenses, tools like Wellero are transforming our system and making it easier for both consumers and providers to manage their healthcare finances.”

With the changes taking place in healthcare today, the Wellero app with Bill Pay feature helps providers become more efficient through improved revenue cycle management. Since healthcare providers receive payments within 48 business hours, instead of the standard 60 to 90 days, they are able to eliminate unnecessary administrative costs associated with tracking down payments from patients. Similar to those charged by credit card companies to retail establishments, Wellero keeps costs down as it receives a simple fee based on each transaction. “Our goal is to connect patients, providers and health plans to improve how consumers experience our healthcare system,” adds Freiwat.

In addition, providers using Wellero also receive a proprietary portal that can enhance physician practice management by speeding up check-ins, check-outs and easily confirming insurance eligibility, freeing up staff to focus on patient satisfaction and allowing them to focus more on patient care. Positioning providers on the app like a virtual store-front with hours, locations and information, Wellero can also help expand visibility for doctors, hospitals and clinics.

A front-end office management solution, Wellero compliments existing claims and bill payment systems that may already be in use by a physician practice. As a result, doctors do not need to add staff to use Wellero as it is easily adopted into a physician office.

The Wellero app with Bill Pay feature is now available in the Apple app store™ and in Google Play®. To learn more visit www.Wellero.com. Providers can register with Wellero at portal.wellero.com, “Like” them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter @welleroapp.

About Wellero
Wellero™ is part of the Cambia Health Solutions family of companies. Wellero™ puts a powerful retail healthcare application in the consumer’s pocket. This powerful point of sale solution gives consumers access to the information they need to complete healthcare payments and transactions at the time of service.

SOURCE: Cambia Health Solutions, Inc.