Sequenta Launches New Online Results Portal for Physicians

Secure, real-time access to ClonoSIGHT™ test results, order status, patient MRD trends

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. DECEMBER 4, 2014 – Sequenta, Inc. today announced the launch of its new physician portal, the ClonoSIGHT Secure Portal ( The HIPAA-compliant online portal enables physicians to more effectively integrate the ClonoSIGHT process, an ultra-sensitive, next-generation sequencing-based technology for minimal residual disease (MRD) detection and quantification, into the care of patients with lymphoid cancers.

Using the ClonoSIGHT Secure Portal, physicians can view test results showing a patient’s MRD status and level and use the interactive graph to evaluate a patient’s MRD trend over time. Graphs and test reports can be downloaded and added to a patient’s electronic health record (EHR). Physicians and their authorized medical staff can also track the status of individual test orders from sample receipt to reported results.

“From sample flexibility to our new user-friendly portal, Sequenta has developed a powerful, clinically-validated MRD assessment method that can be seamlessly integrated into the clinical care of patients,” said Tom Willis, CEO of Sequenta. “The ClonoSIGHT Secure Portal’s highly functional interface is designed to help physicians manage and share patient results with collaborating physicians, incorporate test results into patient EHRs, and order additional supplies, all from the convenience of their desktop or tablet.”

A fully functional demo of the ClonoSIGHT Secure Portal available at, allows physicians to explore each feature of the portal. Physicians can also demo the portal at the 56th Annual Meeting of the American Society Hematology (Booth #1243). The portal was developed in collaboration with QED dynamics, LLC.

About the ClonoSIGHT™ Process
Sequenta’s ClonoSIGHT process enables physicians to utilize sequencing-based minimal residual disease (MRD) detection as a clinical decision-making tool for patients with lymphoid cancers (blood cancers). Clinical validation studies have shown that this process, which utilizes Sequenta’s LymphoSIGHT™ platform, offers significant improvements in sensitivity and performance over other MRD detection methods.

MRD detection and quantification using the ClonoSIGHT process involves two steps that are easily integrated into patient care. In the first step, the ClonoSIGHT ID test, cancer cell DNA sequences are identified in a diagnostic sample. In the second step, the ClonoSIGHT MRD test, follow-up samples are screened for the previously identified sequences in order to detect residual disease. ClonoSIGHT test results are generated in seven days using Sequenta’s CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory. These results are provided to the ordering physician in a simple, actionable report that shows a patient’s MRD status and level, as well as MRD trends over time via a secure online portal. For more information, please visit

About Sequenta
Sequenta is a biotechnology company dedicated to improving patient care in diseases mediated by immune cells through the discovery and development of novel clinical diagnostics. The company, located in South San Francisco, was founded in 2008 and has received venture funding from Mohr Davidow Ventures, Index Ventures and Foresite Capital.

SOURCE: Sequenta