OmedaRx and GNS Healthcare announce deployment of next generation medication adherence platform

After successful pilot, Meaningful Adherence™ platform will aid 1.6 million health plan members in medication adherence

PORTLAND, AUGUST 19, 2014 – OmedaRx, a Cambia Health Solutions company, and GNS Healthcare, a leading provider of big data analytics solutions in health care, today announced the deployment of the GNS Meaningful Adherence™ platform to 1.6 million members within the Cambia Health Solutions family of health plan companies in Idaho, Utah, Washington and Oregon. The companies are teaming up to help people adhere to their prescribed medication regimens, a major step forward in helping people avoid inconvenient and costly hospital visits.

Poor medication adherence drives $290 billion in avoidable health care costs, or about 13 percent of total U.S. healthcare expenditures, according to the New England Healthcare Institute. Programs to improve medication adherence can reduce overall health care spending by reducing the rates of hospital admissions and emergency department visits, according to research published in Health Affairs in 2011.

In a pilot this year of Cambia members with select medical conditions, GNS Healthcare and OmedaRx successfully identified individuals with strong predictors of future hospital or emergency room visits as a direct result of poor medication adherence and identified individuals for whom improved adherence would result in the greatest return on investment. Using GNS big data capabilities, OmedaRx and GNS identified more than $10M of potentially avoidable costs from negative outcomes related to medications.

The GNS Meaningful Adherence platform works by using big data to identify individuals at risk of costly medication-related events.

“Poor medication adherence leads to poor outcomes for individuals and the US health care system as a whole,” said GNS Chief Product Officer Carol McCall. “Even though poor adherence has been identified as an important issue, the health care system has spent too little effort on identifying precisely where improving it could bring the greatest value. But now, we have tools to precisely identify the people that would benefit the most from interventions designed to help them become adherent, and maximize the use of health system resources.”

“Using data to help patients take their medications correctly can make a huge impact on their lives and on the health care system,” said OmedaRx General Manager Raulo Frear. “Partnering with GNS helps accomplish our mission to make the health care system more consumer-centered, or focused on what each individual needs.”

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OmedaRx Pharmacy Benefit Management partners with health plans and employers to get the safest, most effective medications into patients’ hands. Using a rigorous assessment process focusing on value-based benefit designs and patient education, OmedaRx helps people choose proven medications offering the best health outcomes. OmedaRx is a member of the Cambia Health Solutions family of companies, based in the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about OmedaRx visit

About GNS Healthcare
GNS Healthcare is a big data analytics company that empowers payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies to make intelligent data-driven decisions. We unlock knowledge within complex data, enabling personalized, actionable predictions and interventions. For 15 years, GNS has been committed to developing and deploying the most sophisticated mathematical and computational platforms to help our partners improve health and reduce costs.

SOURCE: Cambia Health Solutions, Inc.