Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute Launches Corporate Athlete® Resilience Program

Training solution addresses corporate burnout, managing uncertainty, stress awareness, and strategic recovery

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., April 25, 2017 – Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute (JJHPI) announced the launch of Corporate Athlete® Resilience, a new in-depth training solution that takes a different approach to stress management by supporting an individual’s ability to redefine and strategically leverage stress for growth and improved performance. It is now available through the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute.

A third of adults report feeling increased stress, and 65 percent said work is a top source.[1] In the workplace, stress can contribute to employees feeling unfocused and unmotivated, and can lead to increased burnout and high turnover. Unchecked, stress can hurt employee productivity and quality of life, thus impacting physical and mental health, and the bottom line.

“Traditional stress-management courses attempt to minimize stress or remove external stressors, which is unrealistic in today’s twenty-four seven world,” said Jennifer Lea, senior manager, content development, Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. “But we know that stress doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Corporate Athlete Resilience helps people redefine stress – not avoid it – to build resilience and enable high performance, at work and at home.”

Corporate Athlete Resilience takes a holistic, science-based approach to sustainable behavior change, enabling people to understand different types of stress, recognize how to best respond to stress productively, and learn how to train to build resilience every day so they can recover, adapt and grow from stress.

Corporate Athlete Resilience is part of JJHPI’s suite of Corporate Athlete® branded training solutions which, for more than 25 years, has trained elite athletes, professional athletes, military Special Forces and Fortune 500 company executives to effectively maximize their energy capacity across multiple interconnected energy dimensions through the sciences of performance psychology, exercise physiology and nutrition. JJHPI’s science-based training solutions are proven to help drive engagement and reduce burnout and turnover so individuals, teams and organizations can perform to their full potential.

“Evidence-based behavior change interventions promote healthy behaviors and enable people to live vibrant lives,” said Matthew Miller, PhD, behavior science manager, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions. “By leveraging the latest science, the Corporate Athlete suite of programs can have a profound impact on both wellbeing and productivity. Our new resilience program is uniquely suited to help address the burnout epidemic by merging the philosophy behind interval training with a novel approach to stress management.”

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[1] American Psychological Association (2016). Stress in America: The impact of discrimination, Stress in America Survey.

SOURCE: Johnson & Johnson