Jane (jane.app) Launches Industry-Leading MIPS Capable Data and Outcomes Partnership with Patient Engagement Solution Physitrack

HOUSTON – October 22, 2018 –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jane, one of the leading global EMR and practice management systems for small and medium sized practices, has announced a deeper partnership with global patient engagement and Telehealth solution Physitrack. Thanks to this collaboration, over 20,000 Jane users now have access to key Physitrack functionality and outcomes data directly inside Jane to help drive better clinical decision-making. U.S. users will also benefit from MIPS and QPP eligible data tracking.

Physitrack’s exercise prescription, outcomes reporting, patient education and integrated telehealth are now easily accessed by clinicians inside Jane, and delivered to patients via the free companion app called PhysiApp (available in iOS, Web and Android). This patient experience is what has helped connect more than 3.5m patients with their clinicians worldwide, via Physitrack’s award winning engagement platform.

“Both Physitrack and Jane have very loyal users who not only expect a seamless, intuitive experience, but also value continuous innovation. By creating an even deeper integration between our two platforms the Jane user community will be able to assign exercise programs and track detailed patient outcomes without leaving Jane. This access to detailed outcomes data out of Physitrack inside Jane is so helpful for our U.S. users too, as it allows them to collect and document outcomes data as required under the Medicare MIPS programs” says Alison Taylor Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Jane.

Michael Sloniewsky, GM North America of Physitrack adds: “We are extremely excited about taking our existing integration with Jane App to a whole new level. By giving healthcare practitioners real-time insight into detailed patient outcomes data inside Jane we help practitioners create better care plans, which in turn will help improve the patient experience as well their health outcomes.”

About Jane App:
Jane App is a privately held Canadian Company based in Vancouver, Canada. The company provides practice management, medical record, and patient payment and scheduling software to small and medium sized practices around the world.

About Physitrack:
Physitrack, an Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Mobility Partner since 2015, is a privately held UK company with offices in Houston, Miami, Melbourne, London, Amsterdam and New Delhi. The company provides patient engagement solutions for clinical home exercise prescription and patient education, patient outcomes tracking and secure Telehealth video consultations, with optional data and AI capabilities.

SOURCE: Jane App & Physitrack