Imorgon to Install Advanced Integrated Software Solution at University of Rochester Medical Center to Improve Productivity and Diagnostic Quality of Ultrasound

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 27, 2014 – Imorgon Medical today announced the planned installation of IntegratedUltrasound™, an advanced software solution that seamlessly integrates ultrasound systems to voice recognition/dictation systems, at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) in Rochester, NY. The integrated software solution is designed to enable the full potential of diagnostic ultrasound by improving workflow efficiency and diagnostic accuracy, leading to improved confidence, patient safety, care and satisfaction.

“Imorgon offers a streamlined solution that addresses the technology gap in ultrasound reporting,” said David Waldman, M.D., Ph.D., chairman of URMC’s Department of Imaging Sciences. “It will improve communication efficiency between our sonographers and radiologists, as it will automatically populate ultrasound reports with sonographer observations and findings. As a result, our radiologists’ report generation time will be reduced because the need to dictate numbers from the ultrasound system will be eliminated.”

Imorgon is vendor-neutral, interfacing to any ultrasound system capable of sending DICOM Structured Report (SR) data. It parses the data from the ultrasound system and transfers it into the voice recognition/dictation system templates, which eliminates dictation of numeric data. The data from the ultrasound system passes through Imorgon’s proprietary Harmonization Engine before it’s transferred into the report template, which ensures that all data originating from different models of ultrasound systems will appear in a uniform format.

In addition, Imorgon allows for sonographer findings to be automatically added to diagnostic reports, and it replaces paper worksheets with electronic worksheets that auto-populate report templates with exam observations, thereby eliminating redundant dictation. Lastly, DEXA values with auto calculated, whole-body minimums are imported directly into a report, decreasing dictation time while improving accuracy and patient safety.

“The benefits of Imorgon’s software solution were clear to us immediately,” said Deborah Rubens, M.D., professor and associate chair of Imaging Sciences, URMC. “Currently, our sonographers copy numeric information from the images onto paper forms, from which we dictate all the numeric data plus qualitative findings and our diagnostic impression. With Imorgon, paper forms will be eliminated as the pertinent data auto-populates the dictation templates. This will decrease the sonographer’s paperwork, giving them more time to spend with patients and will decrease our reporting time as well. The overall improvement in accuracy and productivity will have a very positive impact on our ultrasound workflow.”

“We are dedicated to providing a better way to connect the ultrasound acquisition process to the diagnostic reporting process,” said Lloyd Kreuzer, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Imorgon. “With IntegratedUltrasound, we are solving problems for both sonographers and radiologists, improving patient safety, and dramatically improving upon the quality of service to patients.”

Imorgon’s IntegratedUltrasound solution is based on the DICOM industry standard for transferring images and other medical information between computers, and on the HL7 communications standard for Hospital Information Systems (HIS).

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Imorgon is a leading provider of IntegratedUltrasound solutions. Headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., Imorgon was founded by ultrasound industry veterans who were key members of the technology team that invented ultrasound PACS in the 1990s. Building on decades of ultrasound expertise, Imorgon is dedicated to producing a scalable software solution that offers highly intuitive functionality and enhances the PACS viewing environment, ensuring ease-of-use and the ability to leverage existing IT and infrastructure investments. By using computer technology in a unique way, the company developed an innovative solution that enables the full potential of diagnostic ultrasound by improving workflow efficiency and diagnostic accuracy. For additional information, visit

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