Animated Video Highlights Advantages of New Private Exchange Health Insurance Option for Washington Businesses

Defined contribution model aims to drive consumer engagement in health decisions

SPOKANE, Wash. JUNE 13, 2014 – The evolution of the health care industry is causing an increasing number of employers to explore an alternative health insurance solution called defined contribution in a private exchange. In response to this growing demand, Asuris Northwest Health has launched Asuris Marketplace, a new private exchange health insurance option for select Washington businesses, and a supporting three-minute animated video that explains the single-carrier exchange concept and its advantages.

Asuris Marketplace offers employers the ability to control health insurance costs, predictably plan for future benefit needs, and cater to a demographically diverse workforce by contributing a set amount to their employees’ accounts. Through Asuris’ private exchange, employees can then shop for, enroll in, and manage their benefits with the guided online assistance. Employees gain the freedom of choosing coverage that best fits their unique needs and budget, enabling more ownership over their health care decisions.

As the animated video “Defined Contribution in a Private Exchange” explains, consultants such as Bain & Co. estimate that as many as 80 million people will receive their health insurance through private exchanges by 2018. Asuris’ ACA-compliant model provides mid-and large-sized businesses with a customizable, single-carrier private exchange containing multiple Asuris coverage options for safe, affordable and quality care. To learn more about defined contribution in a private exchange, visit Asuris’ white paper, “Defined Contribution: A familiar model, redefined for health care.”

About Asuris Northwest Health
Asuris Northwest Health offers a full range of health care coverage options, including dental coverage, for eastern Washington employers and individuals. We also offer Medicare supplemental plans and Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, and provide member access to more than 20,000 health care providers. Asuris is committed to improving the health of our members and our communities, and to transforming our health care system. For more information, please visit or Asuris Northwest Health is a wholly owned subsidiary of Regence BlueShield (in parts of Washington), an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. As a subsidiary, Asuris has adopted, and operates pursuant to, the provisions of the Regence BlueShield Code of Business Conduct. However, Asuris is not in any manner licensed or affiliated with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

SOURCE: Cambia Health Solutions, Inc.